Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hang 'em high (BUNGIE APPROVED)

This is a piece I made for my friend's nephew for his 13th birthday. I told him I would draw him whatever he wanted and this is what he requested, and I thought it was awesome. He's the raddest kid ever

Also here's a bigger version

I normally wouldn't be so arrogant as to offer up a wallpaper version of one of my pieces, but a lot of my friends are big Halo fans, and we all know what Halo fans are like. Also if you're also on Xbox Live my gamer tag is "Thomas Q Murphy". Add me as a friend and we'll "roll some noobs", as they say


Will said...

I'm shooting you an XBL friend add. Please accept my gracious offer of "friendship."

Wow Gold said...

wow ! what a blog

Ryan Summers said...

Great illustration, I love the little detail of the scorch marks from the sword!

Amazing blog by the way; what school are you going to? The Nemo and Memories pieces are wicked, even moreso if they're for school assignments.

zach(thanks tom) said...

thanks so much for publishing and approving this with bungie i feel so special!!!

Kurniati Barca said...

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