Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My inspiration

This post isn't about art, but it's about the stuff that inspires me to make it the most: music. Below I'm posting my top 5 favorite songs of all time. I love sharing music with people, especially if they like it. I've had a few people on the street and at red lights ask me the name of what I'm listening to, so I've started keeping post-it notes and a pen in my car so I can jot them down quickly. You could say showing people music they might like is a hobby of mine. Maybe you'll hear something you've never heard before and like it, or maybe we just have something in common. Either way, cool!

For me to consider these songs as my top 5 they've had to reach a few criteria:
-They have to give me goosebumps
-I have to be able to listen to it for 9 hours on loop and not get boring
-It has to inspire me and put images in my head for me to draw which suit the songs

The first one is "Private Road" by Bent. It was my favorite song for 8 years. I still can't believe humans can make something so beautiful

This music is good for walking through a misty green pasture in a light rain wearing a comfy, just-out-the-dryer set of clothes

The second here is "Goodbye", by Ulrich Schnauss. It was hard to just pick one by him, because his music is consistently amazing.

This is the music that would play when after you die you see your old dog in Heaven and catch up for lost time

The third song is "True To Form" by Hybrid. This song has a really satisfying, chaotic "I don't give a shit" vibe

If you're ever driving exceedingly fast, all alone, through a looong tunnel on a hot summer night, this song should be blasting in your car stereo

Fourth is "Stay Crunchy" by Ronald Jenkees. I can't put into words how much I admire this guy. His attitude and personality are top-notch, and I want to be the illustrator version of him one day. He's passionate, incredibly, mind-blowingly gifted, but he's the most down-to-eart, kind person on the internet

This song is how Jesus makes my soul feel

The fifth one here is my all-time favorite song ever made. It's called "Happy Up Here" by Royksopp. Every song ever made wishes it sounded this good. The music video is phenomenal too. I recommend you listen to this one on high quality. It makes a huge difference.

If my mind and worldview had a physical feeling it would feel like how this song sounds.

Hopefully you like the music. If not then, well, I just feel sorry for you

A couple other tracks that almost made the list were:
-Hawksley Workman: Striptease
-Manual: Neon Reverie (it would've been in the top 5 but I couldn't find a YouTube video of it)
-Boards of Canada: The Beach At Redpoint
-Crisopa: North Left
-Juno Reactor: God Is God
-Royskopp feat. Robyn: The Girl And The Robot
-Sneaker Pimps: Low Five
-Nathan Fake: You Are Here

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hang 'em high (BUNGIE APPROVED)

This is a piece I made for my friend's nephew for his 13th birthday. I told him I would draw him whatever he wanted and this is what he requested, and I thought it was awesome. He's the raddest kid ever

Also here's a bigger version

I normally wouldn't be so arrogant as to offer up a wallpaper version of one of my pieces, but a lot of my friends are big Halo fans, and we all know what Halo fans are like. Also if you're also on Xbox Live my gamer tag is "Thomas Q Murphy". Add me as a friend and we'll "roll some noobs", as they say

Friday, July 03, 2009


Just finished this piece for a friend

The idea for this piece was to make a "summer" to the "winter" that is the Pegasus piece a few posts below. I just took the theme of a kid riding a mythical creature and this time I went with mermaid, and a girl riding on his back. It's just sort of a contrast to the pegasus picture in a few ways. Male/female, up/down, under water/high in the sky, you get the picture.

I also wanted to do a little twist on the mermaid/merman idea and instead of making it a fish-man I went the mammal direction. At first my sketches were of a more cetacean-like creature, but that seemed a bit cliche, so I went a bit more after the seal direction. I was somewhat inspired by the Aquatic Ape Theory. His body is more of a human body that's in the process of adapting towards permanent life in the sea than just some tossed-together hullaballoo. Some liberties here and there. Anyway, I had fun making it.