Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Further down the page there are a couple process illustrations of this piece. I was working with a retired Navy SEAL in the States who claims to have had an encounter with the creature known as sasquatch, or big foot, for you Americans some years ago. It took about 20 back-and-forths or so to get it up to the final piece posted here.

Since I was a kid I've always loved the subject, and I still find it extremely fascinating. Though one of my biggest pet peeves with this was how every time you'd see an artist's rendition or a witness's sketch, it always looked like shit and was so vague and scribbly and sloppy that it wasn't even worth looking at. I wanted to create an illustration of this creature that, if you looked at it, your mind wouldn't have to fill in the blanks, and you could feel satisfied that you were seeing what the witness claims to have seen. I wanted those who believe in this creature to be able to look at a large, clear, detailed and realistic image and could be left feeling confident that they now have an 'accurate' picture of what they haven't yet seen for themselves.

I got in contact with this particular witness because he had a relatively long, face-t0-face look at the creature and claimed to have a crystal clear mental picture of it. His story is that he was about 15 feet away, and the encounter lasted about 20 seconds. The average is 3 seconds.

After I finally laid down the final touches and sent it to him, he told me the hair on his arms stood on end, his eyes watered up and his heart started beating quickly because it was so accurate. So according to the man that worked with me on this image, this is as accurate as it's going to get. I feel confident that, wether you believe or not, that this is the face of whatever species people have been seeing in North America for centuries.

I don't know if there really is such a creature out there, and I can't put faith in it's existence like I can when it comes to the existence of China or my dog Ben, but the man wasn't lying to me. Anyway, here it is, the face of sasquatch: