Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Your average story

Whipped these up last night for a project due today

Finding an enchanted weapon

Getting trained by a wizard

Headin' into the monster's cave

Rushing away with the maiden (princesses are assholes)


jovial_cynic said...

holy smokes. You cranked those out in a single night?

Do you ever take requests? Like, if I threw a story your way, with a request for several images for specific sections of the story, would you do them?

Seems like an excellent SA-Mart thread possibility. Something titled, "I'll draw your crappy story," and have people submit stories to you, and you'd draw out as many images as they'd be willing to pay you, based on some pricing scheme you set up.

You'd get rich, man. Filthy, dirty rich.

The Beaner said...

so good.

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