Thursday, January 08, 2009

Where I draw

Here are some pictures of my room, which is where I do most of my drawing, sleeping and procrastinating. I really like my room, and I recently just got some new stuff for Christmas that helps pimp it up. I got a brand new awesome glass-topped, tilting drawing desk and some little plastic drawer things, and I found that lamp behind my reading chair and I forgot my plant on the out cropping above the foyer, so I put it all together, along with all the DVDs (yup, I'm still on those) and the books I got too, and I decided I wanted to show it off. It's the sort of room i've wanted ever since I was a kid, and I don't mean it has a lot of comic books and action figures and toy guns; I mean it has a desk in a little nook thing lined up with the window, and a bookshelf full of books and DVDs all about topics I find fascinating and entertaining. A comfortable bed is a plus, but my dog thinks it's his. And some big juicy speakers that I use to raise a little hell every once in a while.

Here are some pictures


Anonymous said...

Oh, you have a dog. Lovely!

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