Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cale William Ellis-Toddington III, aka FANTA-C

This is the other portrait which is also due tomorrow. It's of my best friend Cale. He isn't actually the third. We just call him that because he has a very poncy name, and it fits at the end of it very well. We sometimes just call him "The Third". So I put it in his portrait as an inside joke for people who know him.

Next time I do something like this I'm going to use natural media to do the line work. Digital has overstayed its welcome as far as line work and texture is concerned, and I'm eager to branch out. That is, until I get my hands on my own personal Cintiq.


Matt Rhodes said...

in order to capture the essence of such an incredible man, you need to move towards abstract. this image made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I just wish more people could know him. nicely done

ivan o. said...

not enough hooters.

j/k this is awesome

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