Sunday, November 30, 2008

What would it take to bring down a t-rex?

i asked myself this question on friday morning, and this is what i drew in answer. i went with an economic design. a "this should just about do it" design for a military group sent back to the cretaceous.

the idea behind the gun is basically to satisfy the needs of the user as best as i could imagine them. it has to be powerful, hence its girth and size and heavy dutiness, it has to be fast and maneuverable, hence the legs (ill explain in a bit), it had to be small enough to be able to move around in a jungle, and then later in hallways on space ships and bunkers, and it had to have enough room for fuel, a motor/engine of sorts to power the gun, legs and computers and equipment on board, and ammunition (which the guy using it would carry in big chains as well as a compartment on the side of the gun to feed it in), looks like it could be mass produced without too much difficulty, looks sturdy, and also look kinda scary.

so the legs. basically the idea of this is to enable one man to be able to bring down, with as little effort as possible, a creature with the same size, toughness and ferocity as a tyrannosaurus rex. inside the guts of this contraption would be a shit load of accelerometers, a gyroscope, radar/sonat, and tons of sensors that would literally read the input given into the handle by the user, as well as it would use blue tooth or something to transder information taken by a camera inside the guys visor which would also guide the gun (like an apache helicopter pilot has. the giant machine gun aims where he looks). and so anyway, it takes this information and accomodates to the users actions. so what this means is the guy could swing that thing around like a pistol. if he wants to do a 180 and shoot behind him, all he has to do is turn, point, and shoot like he would with a pistol, and the gun will do what needs to be done to get itself into position. imagine a mix between the darpa dog robot cargo carrying thing, and the doll head/spider bodied thing from toy story. and maybe a little johnny 5.

note: the legs under the big green fuel tank and engine encasement are shorter than the legs on the other side, though id imagine they would be attached to some sort of framework that could swivel around to so it could straighten all its legs out and still keep the gun level

i also tried my hand at a different technique on the gun for this. i did it with a blocky digital style, sort of like how id like to learn how to paint with photoshop, rather than just color in simple linework. and then hopefully ill be able to learn how to do that and itll help me with my portraiture and even just painting in general. and then the guy was done in markers, but i sorta wish i pushed his colors further

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

You know what would really make my day?

we were assigned a project in class today with a heaven and hell theme. i was sitting there thinking about stuff i think is awesome and it just made me so happy i had to make a shitty collage to put on my wall to brighten me up on those monday mornings when theres poop in my coffee

for the unenlightened, heres a quick rundown of whats in it

big puffy clouds
frank lloyd wright house Falling Water
rolls royce phantom
bear skin rug with Bryce Dallas Howard on it
a shit load of lab puppies
daft punk performing
a saddled trex with corked teeth
and shit tons of beer to enjoy with my friends C.S.Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, St. Thomas Aquinas, J.R.R. Tolkien and Jesus Christ

that would make my day, any day.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

West Wars poster + desktop for anyone who cares

just decided to add a little more to it

this is for a class project where we had to draw a "cowboy". i wanted to make the project more interesting for me, so i redid the main star wars cast as a if it was a western, rather than a scifi/fantasy thing. i also put up a 1440x900 desktop in case anyone would want such a thing

Saturday, November 01, 2008

character sketches from 2008

Pages from the children's book project at school. these are from early 2006

the trolls are from late 2005, and the rest is from 2007-2008

randomly from 2005-2008

the stickers are from 2006, the rest is from 2008

My brother

if blade runner was made today it would star will smith and william fitchner. i decree.

here's the morph project. i transformed the lovely jessica into some sort of deer from africa.